Winslow School District is ready for the new year

By L. Parsons

Winslow Unified School District Superintendent Cyndie Mattox was happy to welcome employees and students back to school last week. “We believe it’s going to be a great year!” she said.

Winslow has historically suffered shortages in staff, but that is not the case this school year. “We welcomed 14 new teachers to the district, leaving all but one position filled,” Mattox said.

At Winslow High School new teachers include Janette Cervantes, English; Elizabeth Dubon, Biology; Jeanette Jacobsen, English; Larry Hayes, Science; Joe Marquez, Career Technical Education and Law; Lani Leonard, Gear Up coordinator; and Roberta Wagner, Navajo Language.

At Winslow Junior High School, new teachers are Samantha Austin, English; and Alisha Jones, Science.

At Washington Elementary School, new teachers include Lauryn Haberkorn, Jamie Junyk and Carly Stefano, fifth grade; and Kylie Jones, sixth grade.

At Bonnie Brennan Elementary School, new teachers are Rhea Brown, fourth grade; and Taylor Nuciforo, kindergarten.

Keri Arthur is teaching special education at Bonnie Brennan and Jefferson schools.

District wide, Christine Chenoweth is the new music instructor; Sarah Shumway, elementary band instructor; and Lindsay Sheets and Brooke Santos, speech pathologists.

Mattox credits the staff for the start of a good year. “The administrative team really worked hard this summer to organize and focus on our goals for the year,” she said. “This includes the work they did recruiting, hiring and acclimating the new staff members.”

Also on tap for the district this year is a credit recovery program, Edgenuity, which replaces the A+ Program in use at Washington School, as well as the classrooms and upper level courses at WJHS and WHS.

New this year will be drug testing for all student athletes at the beginning of their seasons and random screenings throughout the season. These new policies and programs, along with the many new hires, promise to make the 2017-18 school year successful.

Mattox added, “All in all, the changes that we are expecting district wide are going to positively impact staff and students.”