Taylor Council is asked to consider speed humps

By Naomi Hatch

Speed humps have been requested by Taylor residents, specifically those living along 500 West by Taylor Intermediate School, Town Manager Gus Lundberg advised the town council July 6.  The goal would be to slow down speeders in that area.

Lundberg said he discussed the matter with Snowflake-Taylor Police Chief Larry Scarber, and asked him to speak to the council.

“We are looking at a policy as requested by Taylor and Snowflake regarding speed humps, speed bumps,” said the chief. “There is quite a procedure.”

He explained that speed bumps require drivers to slow down to 5 mph to drive over them, while speed humps are wider and lower, and can be driven over at 20 to 25 mph.

Chief Scarber told the council that to put in a speed hump, they have to look at traffic counts, the number of collision and so forth, as well as have a plan to maintain the speed humps and to remove them if needed.

He said that once they have created that policy he would be glad to have the council look it over.

The chief explained that there would be a request procedure for an individual, but this would put into motion the proximity to schools, parks, bike paths and other areas where children are, and then take into account the number of collisions and the traffic count. Public support is recommended by a 50 percent-plus majority who live within 250’ of the speed hump.

Chief Scarber said that other options are signage, four-way stops and roundabouts, which have been effective in some situations.

Vice Mayor Shawn Palmer said that he has seen areas where the speed limit is posted and then a digital sign shows your speed.

Scarber said they have a trailer that would do that and he felt that option would be more cost effective than speed humps and easier to maintain.   The trailer would keep records of the speed, the total number of vehicles and the time of day.

No decision was made at the meeting.

Chief Scarber will present the policy to the council once it has been written.