Taylor Council approves tentative budget

By Naomi Hatch

The 2018 tentative budget approved last week by the Taylor Town Council is more than $3 million higher than the previous year’s budget of $6,981,008.

Town Manager, Gus Lundberg explained July 6 that there are some capital projects that could be undertaken next year. He noted that they are required by law to set an expenditure limitation that they cannot exceed during the fiscal year.

Lundberg further noted that citizens approved Home Rule in a 2016 election, which allows the town to establish its own budget rather than following government guidelines such as population numbers, but the town cannot exceed the approved amount.

“We cannot spend more money, even though we have more money than anticipated,” said Lundberg. “We want to make sure the money is there.”

On the other hand, if the money has not been included in the budget, the town could not begin the project.

Lundberg said that the projected cost is $1.4 million for capital improvement projects that would be funded through grants that are anticipated and for a project at the wastewater treatment plant. “We have not committed anything,” said the town manager. If the grant money does not come through, the project will not begin until there are funds.

Lundberg pointed out that there is capital money in the Fire and Ambulance Fund set aside for a new ambulance.

Money could be moved from fund to fund within the budget, but the budget cannot exceed the approved amount.

The council unanimously approved the 2018 tentative budget totaling $10,154,310.

This will now be published in the newspaper and there will be a public hearing in August, after which the council could approve the final budget.