STEM event provides hands-on experience

Brendan Derrick (left) and Elijah Kenowski (right) learn about building bridges in the hands-on Arizona Science Center Extravaganza at Park Elementary School.

By Linda Kor

Students at Park Elementary School received a real treat last week during the Arizona Science Center Extravaganza that was held at their school. “This is a whole day event that allowed our students the opportunity to visit exhibits they would likely never have the opportunity to do otherwise,” stated Principal Connie McPherson.

The day featured hands-on projects in anatomy, astronomy, coding, ecology and conservation, physics, engineering, bioscience and medicine. This is a first-time opportunity for students at Park and Hulet elementary schools with the program funded through a grant that allows the STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) endeavor to come to rural areas in the state.


London Gardner (left) and Gabriela Pereda (right) discover engineering fun in STEM event.

Students (left to right) Anthoney Schlechty, Nikki Gurule and Antonio Tso get excited over creating roller coasters during the Arizona Science Center Extravaganza.