‘Out of Milk’ list app keeps you organized

By L. Parsons

Many applications being downloaded are referred to as “Mom Apps,” programs that help make the lives of moms, dads, caregivers or just overall busy people easier. One of those apps is Out of Milk. This is a shopping list application available on all devices, both Android and Apple Operating Systems. It’s a free download with over 10 million worldwide downloads and a 4.6 star review rating.

Users make an account and get to explore the app right away. It offers multiple lists, including a pantry list so that you never run out of the essentials, and a to do list to add tasks throughout your day. The most impressive feature of this app is its sync ability. You can add items to your list via email or by visiting w ww.outofmilk.com.

Surveys of app users by Nielsen Ratings and other entities show Out of Milk as the top Mom App on the market. It is also possible to send lists to other users through text or email, making it very easy to remind dad to pick up milk!


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