New WPD vehicles to be purchased

By L. Parsons

Last week the Winslow City Council authorized the city to enter into a capital lease agreement with Zion Bank for new city vehicles. The council approved the purchase of nine new vehicles prior to the final budget presentation in July.

According to Finance Director Elias Jouen, quotes were solicited from Wells Fargo Bank and Zion Bank, with the latter at an interest rate of 2.39 percent, slightly lower than the former. The total amount to be financed is $400,000 over the next five years, as written in the motion presented to the council, “for an estimated annual payment of $85,826.”

Following the five-year lease, the city will take possession of the purchased cruisers and trucks. The vehicles to be obtained include one 2018 Ford F-150 crew cab, fully outfitted as a patrol vehicle with a K-9 cage installed, two 2018 Ford F-150 crew cabs fully outfitted for patrol, one 2017 Ford F-150 regular cab outfitted for Animal Control services and five 2017 all-wheel drive police explorer-interceptor sport utility vehicles.

Jouen extended his gratitude to Chief Dan Brown for his help in securing the correct vehicles for the needs facing the city and for assuring the community that the cars will be purchased locally from Winslow Ford.

The council unanimously approved the lease/purchase and added that the motion be declared an emergency in order to expedite the process of outfitting each of the vehicles. The updated fleet will be in use as soon as possible.