New principal, new teachers start the year at S/T Schools

By Linda Kor

Students in the Snowflake Unified School District are returning to school this week, and Superintendent Hollis Merrill is excited about the new group of teachers joining the district this year.  “We expect them to help continue the tradition of excellence that our schools have established,” he said.

In addition to new teachers, Kim Lewis has taken over as the new principal at Snowflake Intermediate School. “Mr. Lewis was the principal at the junior high for six years, and we are pleased to have him back as someone who understands our district and community,” commented Merrill.

It was noted that there would be one major change this school year, one that Merrill is very pleased with. “We have added music back into the intermediate schools during the school day.  It was eliminated during the massive budget cuts of 2009,” he noted.

Sixteen new teachers have been hired by the district.

At Snowflake High School Marli Manning is teaching English; Sterling Pitts, chemistry; Scott Fisher, special services; and Cheyenne Isaacs, broadcasting.

Laura Shumway is teaching music at the intermediate schools and at Snowflake Junior High School.

At Snowflake Intermediate School, Nicole Woley and Nathan Hall are teaching sixth grade; and Leah Swihart and Carey Warren, fourth grade.

At Taylor Intermediate School, Carol Matthies is teaching special education; Debbie Pitts, sixth grade; and Emily Junk, first grade.

At Highland Primary School, Meagan Adair is teaching first grade; Cody Thomas, second grade; and Kristi Crookston, reading specialist at the kindergarten level.

Ronda Enger is a new preschool teacher.