Members of WHS Class of 1967 enjoy an outstanding reunion

Photo by courtesy of reunion organizers A large number of classmates from the Winslow High School Class of 1967 attended their 50th reunion earlier this month to share memories and renew friendships.

By Sam Conner

The 50-year reunion of the Winslow High School graduating Class of 1967 was an interesting and well-planned event. It was well attended, with the public meeting room at the Hubble Trading Post/Winslow Visitors Center filled by a jubilant crowd on Saturday, Oct. 7. Many classmates also met at La Posada’s Turquoise Room on Sunday morning.

The event was planned by Peggy McCarty Deise, Marcia Graff Brown Hogan, Dixie Lane, Terry Thomas Morris, Bert Peterson, Rita Phillips Schmidt and Sean Sullivan.

The organizing committee put together an impressive group of exhibits and an interesting program. Included was a display of class member Bill Cherry’s four-year letterman’s sweater, a picture display arranged by Debbie Scout Roberts and three magnificent western art sculptures by classmate Kathy O’Haco.

Jan Ylarrez sang You Raise Me Up, which was well received by her former classmates. The crowd was very emotional during Jan’s performance and applauded enthusiastically at its conclusion.

One of the more impressive exhibits was an Ofrenda created as a tribute to the 37 classmates who are deceased. The Class of 1967 was one affected more than most by the Vietnam War. Three young men from that class, James Schibi, David Solis and Jeffrey Stowe, were killed in the conflict.

Many others from the class served in the armed forces in Vietnam, including Phil Olmstead, Robert Jue, Wilson Steward, Bill Sullens, David Daly, Edward Jaramillo, Robert Hartnett, Jerry Sadler, George Luther, Larry Fuller, Mike Howell, Kenneth Yee and Richard Rice.

Bill Sullens acted as master of ceremonies for the dinner program on Saturday and did an excellent job. Edward Montoya was the disc jockey, spinning tunes from a mid-1960’s playlist compiled by Bert Peterson.

Two retired teachers were guests at the event. Sam Conner was a junior high school teacher who had taught English and History to many of the class members. David Conatser was a Spanish, History and Biology teacher, and also coached wrestling and cross country. Dean and Dolores Stotts, and George Rockwell were also invited, but were unable to attend.

An event that was touching was the reading of a letter from classmate Armand Ortega, who could not be in attendance. He wrote that when he was a student at Berkley and later at Brown he admired intelligent people. As a businessman he came to admire clever people. Now that he is older, he mostly admires kind people.

Usually, money is collected from attendees for class reunions like this one. Amazingly, that was not the case for this reunion. Several anonymous donors contributed enough to pay for the meals and other expenses.  The results were a magnificent reunion enjoyed by the class members and their guests.