Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs start their season at Safford

By Sam Conner

The Winslow Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs both began their 2017-18 seasons at Safford yesterday (Tuesday, Nov. 21). The Winslow Bulldogs are again coached by Scott Corum and were very talented and competitive last season. The Lady Bulldogs are again coached by Jarron Jordan and have a history of being state championship contenders.

The Bulldogs have six seniors, six juniors, two sophomores and a freshman on the varsity squad. The seniors are Skyler Barlow, Dakota Spencer, Isaac Benale, Torrin Yazzie, Ricardo Villanueva and Jalen Lyons. The juniors are Daunte Brown, Theron Olney, Darius James, Cedric Benally, Eli Stewart and Deangelo Lewis. The sophomores are Yoann Djassa and Zach Wagner. Tyrell Young is the freshman on the varsity.

The Lady Bulldogs have three seniors, four juniors, four sophomores and two freshmen on the varsity roster. The seniors are Tatyana Waconda, Sirena Begaye and Brandi Jodie.  The juniors are Eushawna Nodestine, Kelli Mitchell, Onajae Betoney and Justine Butterfield. The sophomores are Briana Little, Emerilee Cowboy, Andrea Willeto and Aliyanhna Vogele. The freshmen are Kristin Wagner and Sierra Singer.

The teams will not have a home game until Tuesday, Dec. 19, when they play the Snowflake Lobos and Lady Lobos.