Barrel race winners are noted

Shasta & Company Rodeo Events held a barrel racing competition at the Round Valley Roundup on June 2 at the Eagar Rodeo Grounds Arena. The race was sponsored by the Town of Eagar.

Results for Open Barrels follow.

In 1-D competition, Sheila Akins, riding Sonoya, won with a time of 18.087, earning $487.83, followed by Summer Lunt on Callie in 18.149, earning $325.22.

In 2-D competition, Megan Stock, riding Cash, won with a time of 18.587, earning $348.45, followed by Megan Stock on Payday in 19.048, earning $209.07; and Jareth Hale on Lilly in 19.060, earning $139.38.

In 3-D competition, Jessica Finch, riding Astrid, won with a time of 19.097, earning $232.30, followed by Patti Swapp on Chico in 19.114, earning $139.38; Summer Lunt on Hitch in 19.115, earning $92.92; Kallie Brannon on Zip in 19.117; Kennedy Ebert on Pepper in 19.267; Bailee Bain on Scooby in 19.338; Alexandra Jeffers-Sample on McClintock in 19.355; Racea Finch on Zip in 19.382; Cari Zenkawich on Perks of First in 19.438; Cindy Irvine on Frito Freckles in 19.444; Danielle Winn on Grace in 19.477; Brenda Riddle on Gypsy in 19.488; Terri Saba on Fendi in 19.500; Lisa Clark on Money in 19.529; Bonnie Fenstermaker on Kaid in 19.611; Pandy Wyatt on Lena in 19.643; Tammy Davis on Rocky in 19.751; Melissa Neff on Bubba Shrimp in 19.934; Lisa Clark on Faith in 19.955; Tammy Gray on Sky in 19.973; and Megan Stock on Cannoli in 20.003.

In 4-D competition, Nikki Muzrall, riding Blessing, won with a time of 20.245, earning $174.22, followed by Regan Esparza on Poncho in 20.273, earning $104.54; Jody Heisler on Kitzy in 20.299, earning $69.69; Amanda Henson on Joey in 20.378; Regan Esparza on Blue Duck in 20.604; Dereck Curley on Rock in 20.625; Leslie Shurts on Carlos in 21.022; Korie Keith on Showgirl in 21.031; Morgan Bias on Hatfield in 21.196; Taylor Merrill on Moon in 21.877; McKehnzie Beddow on King in 30.379; and Jannon Hale on Tru Grit, Nikki Muzrall on Peanut, Scarlet Schroder on Kaid, Rosita Singer on Romeo, Sarah Darst on Hank, Ashley Riddle on Baley, Jayme Fish on Elmo, Korie Keith on Spike, Jocelyn Rankins on Guess, Brenda Riddle on Gigi and Janie Henson on Mighty, all with no time.