Barrel race winners are noted

Shasta & Company Rodeo Events held a barrel racing competition, sponsored by the Taylor Rodeo Committee, May 27 at the Taylor Rodeo Park Arena.

Results for Leadline follow.

In 1-D competition, Torin Garvin, riding Pistol, won with a time of 70.820, earning $10.

Results for Youth follow.

In 1-D competition, Jacey Perkins, riding Teddy, won with a time of 19.089, earning $67.95, followed by Emilie Rosales on Pilot in 19.442; Brooklyn Nikolaus on Scat in 19.461; and Reese Perkins on Snake Shot in 19.937.

In 4-D competition, Baylie Vickers, riding Gray, won with a time of 51.074, earning $45.30.

Results for Open Barrels follow.

In 1-D competition, Lila Pierce, riding Jake, won with a time of 16.260, earning $324.80, followed by Megan Stock on Cash in 16.267, earning $243.60; Summer Lunt on Callie in 16.478, earning $162.40; Geneva Kelly on Flint in 16.669, earning $81.20; Kallie Brannon on Zip in 16.676; and Tyree Hancock on Chism in 16.677.

In 2-D competition, Ashley McDowell, riding Applelicious, won with a time of 17.019, earning $278.40; Jayme Fish on Elmo in 17.093, earning $208.80; Jessica Finch on Astrid in 17.187, earning $139.20; Sylvia Kennison on Halle in 17.213, earning $69.60; and Ashley Riddle on Baley in 17.253.

In 3-D competition, Cabrina Vickers, riding Jade, won with a time of 17.349, earning $185.60, followed by Tammy Gray on Sky in 17.363, earning $139.20; Megan Stock on Cannoli in 17.460, earning $92.80; Carolee DeWitt on Jet in 17.466, earning $46.40; Leah Rosales on Tecate in 17.522; Danielle Winn on Grace in 17.606; Lila Pierce on Fly in 17.744; Pandy Wyatt on Lena in 17.763; Jayme Fish on Hurk in 17.796; Jocelyn Rankins on Guess in 17.808; Sarah Darst on Hank in 17.811; Jolene Baird on Jessie in 17.824; Jessica Walpole on Elvis in 17.976; Dereck Curley on Rock in 17.989; Jessica Walpole on Spinner in 18.008; Lisa Clark on Money in 18.011; Laurie Pulsipher on Noah Blue in 18.049; Brenda Riddle on Gigi in 18.091; and Sandra McDowell on Bailey in 18.162.

In 4-D competition Bonnie Fenstermaker, riding Kaid, won with a time of 18.288, earning $139.20, followed by Scarlet Schroder on Kaid in 18.328, earning $104.40; Laura Flake on Classy in 18.463, earning $69.60; Brigitte Kennison on Emma in 18.479, earning $34.80; Megan Stock on Sterling in 18.481; Taylor Merrill on Moon in 18.636; Rosie Wiltbank on Zip and Laurie Pulsipher on Thirty-Six Hours, both in 18.742; Gail Campbell on Cedar in 18.775; Claudia Edgewater on Tater Gun in 18.848; Shyann Stephens on Chuck in 19.039; Brenda Riddle on Gypsie in 19.140; Shyann Stephens on Bell in 19.653; Debbie Bowsher on Gypsie in 19.662; Nikki Muzrall on Blessing in 22.527; Nikki Muzrall on Peanut in 22.554; and Debbie Bowsher on Jo’s Pistol Dun It, Cabrina Vickers on Rocks Driftin’ Rain, Melissa Neff on Bubba Shrimp, Jessica Walpole on Corona, Megan Stock on Waldo, Brittany Becenti on Baby Blue and Lisa Clark on Faith, all with no time.

This competition was the first round of Taylor Triple Crown Barrel Racing. The next race is scheduled on Thursday, June 29, during the Taylor 4th of July Celebration.