All Recipes’ Dinner Spinner helps simplify meal planning

By L. Parsons

As the new school year begins, parents and caregivers are facing the age old challenge of providing their families with nutritious meals that are not only cost effective, but also time efficient. A number of companies have developed mobile applications with the goal of achieving just that. Most of these apps are free from both the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for android devices. They range from ready made delivered meal services to recipe generators that double as shopping lists.

All Recipes is an online group tailored to work called the Dinner Spinner. It is a free download that has garnered more than five million users and a 4.5 star review rating. Users can input their available ingredients to find recipes or use an easily navigated search feature, or follow recipe bulletin boards from other users. The app is also intuitive; it will save your most commonly searched and used recipes, as well as keep track of ingredients needed to prepare each one in a shopping list available in the user’s profile section.

This app is easy to use, and offers a bit of fun with a “shake to spin” feature that allows users to physically shake their device to randomly generate recipes.

The Dinner Spinner is free through the App Store and Google Play.